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GOV.PH  |  Philippine Standard Time: 20 July 2024, 11:40 AM

V-M-G Statements


The Most Trusted, Progressive, and Globally-Competitive Cooperative in Northern Philippines


To improve the quality of life of the members and the community through excellent service.


  1. Encouraging thrift and savings mobilization among the members;
  2. Generating funds and extending the following services to the members for productive and provident purposes
  3. Encouraging and supporting members the systematic production, value addition and marketing activities;
  4. Developing expertise and skills among its members;
  5. Providing protection to the loans and funds of the new members;
  6. Promoting and advancing the economic and social status of the members;
  7. Coordinating and facilitating the activities of the cooperative;
  8. Advocating for the cause of the cooperative movements;
  9. Ensuring the viability of the cooperative through the utilization of new technologies; and
  10. Encouraging and promoting self-help or self-employment as an engine for economic growth and poverty alleviation.


  • Inclusive Growth
  • Enterprise Development
  • Employment


  1. To attain increased income, savings, investments, productivity and purchasing power, and promote among themselves equitable distribution of net surplus through maximum utilization of economies of scale, cost-sharing and risk-sharing;
  2. To provide optimum social and economic benefits to its members;
  3. To teach members efficient ways of doing things in a cooperative manner;
  4. To propagate cooperative practices and innovative ideas in business undertakings and management;
  5. To empower through provision of access, ownership, control and opportunities to the poor, vulnerable, lower income and less privileged groups to increase their ownership in the wealth of the nation;
  6. To actively support the government, other cooperatives and people-oriented organizations both local and foreign, in promoting cooperatives as a practical means towards sustainable socio- economic development under a truly, just and democratic society;
  7. To develop a dynamic savings mobilization and capital build-up schemes to sustain its developmental activities and long-term investments, thereby ensuring optimum economic benefits to the members, their families and the communities;
  8. To adopt membership expansion mechanism/scheme, thereby ensuring growth of the cooperative movement;
  9. To implement policy guidelines that will ensure transparency, accountability, and equitable access to its resources and services and promote the interests of the members;
  10. To adopt such other plans as may help foster the welfare of the members, their families and the community;
  11. To advance the competitiveness and innovativeness of the industry;
  12. To coordinate with other cooperatives on learning exchanges, coop trade, and information exchanges in fostering sustainable development;
  13. To advocate legal framework and enabling policies appropriate for the development of multipurpose Cooperatives; and
  14. To be the voice and the institution of the poor and the excluded in resisting the growth-centered development aggression and instead promote people-centered development.

For concerns, please contact our Compliance Office at 078-395-0090 or email [email protected]. For announcements, please follow our Official Facebook Page: Claveria Grassroots Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

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