The Claveria Grassroots MPC is privileged to host the program “Cooperative Hour” on the 97.7 Radyo Kalugaran FM Station. With this, the Cooperative will have the opportunity to provide the necessary information to the community through the said program during the Saturdays of October 2019 from 7:00 – 8:00 AM. To better promote the program, the Cooperative will provide listeners a chance to win gift certificates.

The 97.7 Radyo Kalugaran is a community radio station in Claveria, Cagayan operated by the National Nutrition Council which recently refreshed its radio programs for the betterment of service to the locality. Recognizing the importance of cooperatives in nation-building and improvement of quality of life of the people, the Cooperative Hour was organized as an effective venue for cooperatives based in Claveria, Cagayan to promote cooperativism as a way of life.

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