March 2, 2020

All interested applicants are requested to observe the following guidelines and procedures:

  1. Filing of Application of Candidacy at the Office of the Election Committee shall commence on March 2, 2020 and ends at 12 noon on March 14, 2020;
  2. Only those members in good standing and who meet the qualifications and none of the disqualifications as provided for in the CGMPC By-Laws, Election Code, and Code of Governance shall be qualified to seek an elective position.
  3. Candidates running for the aforementioned elective positions must submit the following requirements:
    • Accomplished Application of Candidacy (form available at the Office of the Secretary)
    • Accomplished Prescribed Personal Data Sheet (form available at the Office of the Secretary)
    • Certificate of Good Standing (To be requested to the Secretary)
    • Two (2) pieces passport-size ID photo
  4. All Applications of Candidacy for any elective position shall be evaluated by the Election Committee (ELECOM). All candidates shall be duly notified of the results of evaluation by the ELECOM in writing or electronic means.

-Issued by the Election Committee

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